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Fenco farms

Jim and Lynda Fenton, founders of Fenco Farms, have a long-standing history in Florida’s agricultural industry. Their beginning started in the citrus business and eventually expanded into strawberries, all while maintaining a cattle operation. As markets in Florida began to change, and the citrus industry took a hit, the Fenton’s saw a coming need to turn that farmland into pastureland in order to grow the cattle operation. This pivotal shift also presented the Fenton’s growing business with the opportunity to acquire more land and further their expansion into the cattle industry. Fenco Farms now has pastures throughout beautiful Central Florida, located in Citrus, Lake, Marion, Pasco and Sumter Counties. At the end of 2021 the Fenton’s once again had the opportunity to expand the business into South Georgia. They have strived to develop, over the last 30 years, three main divisions which are Registered Brangus, Club Calf, and Commercial cow calf. Genetic data has been used to enhance the best traits in each of the breeding programs to fit our goals and the needs of our customers.

A message from Jim & Lynda,

“This is a great industry and we have a great story to tell. We are very proud of the growth our farms have shown and we are excited to be part of the future in the cattle industry.

Better data will unlock NATURE’S SECRETS! We want to know as much or more about our 2,000 head of cattle then we did with a herd of 50.

We also want to thank our great team of employees, they have embraced our vision and have become our extended family.”